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Its Cold and Snowing here. And oh so sparkly!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Coldest winter in years in Europe. Of course. The winter loves me. Follows me everywhere I move, as proven by:

Colorado – ‘nough said; winter would hit for our finals, in May.

Boston – I could only cut one year there. The snow. And the cold. And the wind. I hibernated for 8 months, all while never taking off my white puffy coat, regardless if Jill thought it was her’s or not. *It was not her’s, it was mine. I swear.

DC – It wasn’t that bad the first couple of years. I made fun of the people walking around with umbrellas in the snow and loading up on milk and toilet paper whenever flurries were forecasted, just in case. An inch would shut down the town, I swear. But last year, it showed me. Wow, did it show me.

Seems to be happening here in Paris again this year. The winter loving me; me, not loving the winter…

But I do have to admit my love for Christmas lights. So while I brave the fierce cold (in the 30’s!) and terrible storms (almost snowed ½ inch in a week!) to try to get to the semi-closed airport, take a look at all the sparkly Parisian displays and remember why December is still ok. (January, no excuse.)

Notre Dame

Galeries Lafayette


Around the Champs-Elysees

The Bon Marche

La Defense Christmas Market


And…the dreaded snow.

Merry Christmas! Hope you all get where you are wanting to go, and have a lovely little holiday season!

As to you snow, you’re on my list…

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