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It’s Paris Fashion Week!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

And for me, that means this.

My super glam class and I went on a fieldtrip, decked out in our Ferrandi best.

Every 4 years, France holds a competition where the award is a fancy new chef jacket with a red, blue and white collar, and the life-long title of MOF, or Meilleur Ouvrier de France – Master Craftsman of France. For French pastry chefs, it means you are a true artist, someone who combines innovation with tradition and the ridiculous ability to create masterpieces out of a heap of sugar. I was extremely lucky enough to not only be in Paris for the MOF this year, but have the pastry competition held at my school with my art teacher as one of the judges.

So, during class, Chef brought us upstairs to remind us what brought us all here in the first place.

Just a little something one of the competitors whipped up in sugar.

Sugar sculpture, chocolate sculpture, cakes, cookies, and classic French pastries are all part of the competition. And the competitors have to create this all, by themselves, in 2 days. The only items allowed to be created before arriving are the poured sugar and chocolate structural items.

Each chef has a theme he works from and creates a spread based on this. This chef chose to build a mini-ode to Japan, because why not. Its only sugar, butter, eggs, and chocolate – super easy.

Not shocking to note that most of these chefs competing begin practicing about 2 years before this final stage. Approximately 800 chefs start off competing for the MOF every four years. There were 7 chefs in this final round. The odds aren’t exactly with you…

Without further ado, some of the sculptures created, with my super helpful interpretive names…

Red chocolate lady.

Green bulbed almond swoosh. With rose.


Sugar to Awe and Intimidate Pastry Students.

The Witch’s house in Japanese Hansel & Gretel.

Pretty impressive big structures, no?

And now just a few close ups of the treats these chefs made. No need to describe, just need to drool.

Guess I’ll have to catch up with Rachel Zoe in Milan, I had a prior commitment…

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