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I’m alive!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Its been a busy month, that’s for sure. So busy that I’ve neglected my poor blog to a despicable degree, a fact that I will be making up for in the next week.

Since we last blogged (I say we to make me feel better that its actually me slacking), I’ve been to Colorado for a wonderful Christmas with family,moved to San Francisco, met new friends for New Year’s, came back to Paris, made a chocolate sculpture, rocked a pastry final, went on a trip to Evian, graduated, went skiing in the Alps, went to Copenhagen, and now I have one week before I start my internship at the Plaza Athenee. See, busy. Plus, I got a Kindle for Christmas and seeing as I’m obsessed with reading, I’ve spent my spare time learning things about safaris, Columbian druglords, the Mafia, and some other randos.

Have I thrown enough excuses out yet? Ok, good. Now I’m back to blogging. I have one week to catch you up on all that. But, to hold you over while I type, here’s a look at my final for Pastry School, ice cream not included. Can’t believe its over!

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