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I’m a serious pastry chef. Very serious.

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

If you know me, have met me, or just have read any of this very enlightening blog, I’m sure you can tell how serious I am. I never joke around, rarely smile, am always on focused in my endeavors, and never, ever, ever am I sarcastic.

The same can’t be said of Chef. He’s taken to throwing things at me. On our field trip last week, it was a snowball. Then this happened. Yes, that’s his hand in the picture, pointing and laughing. As was my entire class. I was still wondering what was going on – it was early in the morning.

See, there is a story to this. My partner and I were making a meringue. We weren’t sure if the egg whites were whipped enough, so we called Chef over to ask. Before we could get the question out, he grabbed our bowl and flipped it upside down over my head. P.S. One of the greatest tricks of all time is turning your egg whites upside down over another’s head to check to see if they are stiff enough peaks. If they are, they stay in the bowl. If they aren’t…

…you get some great conditioning for your hair.

Have no fear, I wiped it all off eventually when I figured out what had happened and stopped laughing. But I had a meringue hat, which was no good. Luckily, we have hats for visitors to wear and I grabbed one of those. Aside from my head being too large to fit into the hat, I thought it was a great look. So great, I decided that if I don’t like being a pastry chef, I can go into the culinary arts at In ‘n Out Burger. Here’s me, flipping my imaginary burgers with an imaginary burger flipper. Told you I was serious.

Unfortunately, due to my awesome new look, many in class were starting to change their minds about pastry and were starting to think about switching to burger-making. So, Chef kindly switched hats with me so that the world will have pastry chefs in the future.

I think the look works for me, no?

And yes, my hair was super shiny after the meringue was washed out.

*Thanks to Kat, my partner in macaron making, chocolate tempering and crime, I now have these pictures forever.

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