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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

With a squash!

What, not what you were thinking? Hold up, peeps, it’s a carnivale in your mouth…wait, that sounds wrong too. I’ll stop, and just say its just good, so try it out.

So, if you find a little guy like this at a grocer, market, field, whatever, grab it.

Then, grab a great big knife and attempt to cut it open. I do have to say, its kind of hard. Check it.

That one got stuck, so I had to use another…it worked!

Looked very similar to an acorn squash, to be honest. Just a lot tougher to cut up. Ehn, gots nothing on me…

Macro. You know the drill.

So scraped that nasty inside stuff out and gridded the inside.

From here, there were a few options. Some said, turn it upside down in a roasting pan and ¼ inch of water at 400°F for about an hour. Me, not enough flavor. So I rubbed it with butter (ok, a lot of butter), threw some sugar and cinnamon on…

…put it in a roasting pan, put a bit of water in the bottom and threw it in the oven to get yummy.

Every once in awhile, I basted the guys with the melted delicious butter and cinnamon/sugar mix. Keep it soft and yummy. And I like the stuff. Anyway, while that was baking, I toasted up some almond slivers in a skillet for about 5 minutes.

When the squash halves were done, I sprinkled (or doused, depending on your love of cheese) goat cheese and the toasted almond slivers on top.

Hmmm, spices…

Super simple and super delicious. For me, this was dinner. Add in some rice or meats or something, but I say, eat this with a spoon and love it. Regardless, carnival squash is super yummy. Woohoo, Carnivale!

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