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An October Challenge

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

You know what’s fun? Ignoring that you have been MIA a lot when you set up a blog and then just pop back in, pretending like it hasn’t been a few months…

As I was saying, I’m not in a Pro-Kitchen just yet stateside, so I’m practicing and testing recipes for family and friends. What is especially fun about that is my 8 month pregnant sister has her sweet tooth back. I love it, since the girl doesn’t like chocolate and doesn’t crave sugar unless she’s prego. She’s a toughie; she can say no to sweets (I just don’t understand those people…namely, most of my family). Luckily, my nephew and brother-in-law are more accommodating to helping me taste test recipes for my chosen profession. But there is something really fun about getting someone who doesn’t necessarily like desserts to eat them. I laugh my awesome evil laugh and ply them with more.

Anyway, with another nephew on the way (and pregnancy cravings hitting), I’ve been given an October month-long challenge by the sweets lady. And her current cravings are for…

Yes, its Fall. The weather has gotten horribly cold (I’m currently the only one who thinks its cold, but it is and I hate it). My hibernation-inklings are getting stronger. And pumpkin flavored everything is everywhere. So, in honor of October, I have promised to make pumpkin flavored desserts all month long.

It’s meant lots of orange in my life. I’m not usually a fan of the color orange, but I do like pretending that pumpkin desserts are healthy since there is a vegetable in them. See, this is healthy, obviously (only 3 cups of sugar in there!):

With the challenge at hand, I ditch the above real pumpkin for more this style of pumpkin:

I’m just doing my part. There is a pumpkin shortage this year and I’d be stealing jack-o-lanterns from the kids if I baked pumpkins and then pureed them all the time! I promise you I’m not doing it for my ease of pumpkin dessert making.

With my source of pumpkin procured and 5 days into my challenge, I’ve been busy. Well, busy for me. Thus far, I’ve made 2 kinds of pumpkin scones. (This purely a shot so I can tell you about possibly the best part of the pumpkin challenge – cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves):

I topped both with a cinnamon sugar mix, but I think I’ll go with a glaze for next time. You know, keep it healthy.

Anyway, version 2 of the scone eked out the win, due to the slightly higher amount of pumpkin included. Good to know, more pumpkin = winning at the pumpkin challenge. I’m learning. Here’s version 2, with slightly burnt ends…oops. I promise they were in triangles, you just can’t tell from this angle.

I’ve also made some pumpkin cookies, with a maple syrup glaze on them. I took them to my 3 year old nephews’ soccer game, because I had gone the week before and realized the adults didn’t have snacks even though the kids did (sidenote: for my 2 nephews playing soccer that day, they had a total of 12 fans. We are clearly hardcore soccer fans and need snacks to maintain the level of cheering necessary). But I didn’t take a picture of the cookies until after the game. I guess the consensus was they were ok…

A macro of the cookie in all its glory. I like macros.

Also during my sporty weekend, I went to a friend’s house on Sunday to watch a football game. I brought along some pumpkin spiced cookies made into sandwiches through the magic that is cream cheese frosting. I could eat that stuff with a spoon. And I possibly have.

As I write this, I’m currently baking some pumpkin coffee cake. Here’s what it looks like, IN REAL TIME. I’m crazy like that.

Depending on what it tastes like, I’ll post the recipe later…I’m also making some more pumpkin scones soon since those are already gone. I’ll get that recipe up too! Everyone has to get in on the October Pumpkin Challenge! Woohoo! Sorry, sugar rush.

Expect more pumpkin-ness coming your way though, until my dear sister decides she’s off sweets again or I get a new challenge…wonder which will come first?

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