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Lauren Seibert

Chef, Food Stylist, Recipe Developer,

Hospitality Consultant

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About Lauren 

What began with a whisk, a grandmother, and a chair pulled up to a countertop, has grown into a passion for creating beautiful and delicious food.

Lauren has learned from French masters on their home turf in Paris, worked alongside hospitality ninjas as they more than tripled their restaurant empire, and has created a variety of allergen-friendly, locally sourced, and authentic meals, baked goods, and desserts for customers for over 10 years. Bringing skill, passion, and drive to make people happy (and full!), Lauren takes the culinary experience to the next level for every guest, client, and employee. 



Looking for an experienced, professional food stylist to make your vision a reality?

Have an idea, but don't have the time to recipe test?

Want to recruit new talent and don't know where to start?

Opening a restaurant and aren't sure which vendors are right for you?

Looking for a private chef to teach you how to make those croissants or create an exclusive feel to any dinner party? 


We're here. We've done it. Yup, all of it. We offer hourly rates and package rates depending on your needs.


Don't know what you need? Don't worry, we do.  


Thanks for chatting with us!

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Seattle, Washington

Denver, Colorado

Tel: 303-915-9375

Interested? Questions?

Let us know what you are looking for!

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